MA Intelligent Ink Management System

Ink Management is a crucial part of flexographic printing.
Morin Flexo Printing Technologies has integrated the Intelligent Ink Management System into the FlexoOne™ flexographic printer as well as all other each MA Flexographic printers.

MA offers a patent-pending valve to control ink and cleaner flow eliminating the flood zone inherit in our competitor's systems.

CONSTRUCTION All stainless steel construction on a dolly.
SPEED Heavy duty variable speed/reversible peristaltic pump.
FILTERS Filters to allow only clean ink to enter the analox ink trough.
PNEUMATIC OPERATED VALVE Pneumatic operated valve switches from ink to cleaner for rinsing the ink trough and cleaning the analox roll and print plate

As standard, the MA Intelligent Ink Management System comes fitted with a patent-pending pneumatic valve to control flow of ink and cleaner.

After a short delay (PLC programmed from the last index signal) the system will automatically shutdown.

At this time, the system will:

  1. Automatically drain the ink from the analox ink trough.
  2. The valve will switch to a cleaning solution and run for a predetermined time to ensure the analox roll and print plate have been sufficiently cleaned.
  3. The system will drain the solution back to the cleaner reservoir tank to be disposed.
  4. The system will shut down and await further instruction.

The same procedure can take place in manual mode.